Getting Started

Alright, so you've decided selling art online is pretty cool. You can't refer to yourself as an "International Art Dealer" until you get your first sale. Let's get you started. Follow this short guide to learn how to install and setup the app, create your first product, set your profit margins and make your first sale. The art world has infinite niches, pick one and have at it!

Install the App

Install 20%

Even though the installation is super quick, a lot of things just happened behind the scenes.

You've been registered

We have created a profile for you in our system and we are ready to receive your custom products.

Your store has been connected

Your store and our app can now talk. When an order is placed for one of our products in your store, we can begin working on it right away.

Shipping has been configured

A delivery profile has been created on your store for our products. We offer free shipping and that will passed on to your customer.

Configure the Settings

Configure 40%

Click the ‘Setting’ button in the upper right of the app.

General Settings

If you are happy with the default settings, you can skip this section.

Painting review settings


A painting review happens when an artist completes a piece and it is ready to be shipped.

At this point an email/sms is sent to your customer with a picture of their artwork. If they are happy with it we will ship it to them. If not, they can tell us what they would like changed and we will do it. This process will repeat until your customer is satisfied.


If you wish to review the paintings yourself instead of the email being sent directly to you customer, check this box.


If we contact your customer (such as in the case of reviews) this is the email address they will see.


You can choose the color palette your customers will see when they review their painting. Feel free to set these to your brand colors.

Product settings


This field will be added to the product on the product page. If you would like to change the standard text you can do it here.


This field will be added to the product on the product page. If you would like to change the standard text you can do it here.

Select a product type

Install 60%

Navigate back to the main app screen and hit the big red button labeled "New Painting"

We support 4 types of painting products.

Indivdual Portrait

An individual portrait of a single human or animal subject

Group Portrait

A group portrait of between 2 and 6 human or animal subjects.


A group portrait of between 2 and 6 human or animal subjects.


A portrait oriented painting without human or animal subjects.

Add a product

Install 80%

Now it's time to create your first product!

Title: What your customers will see as the 'name' of the product.

Who's being painted: This is used as part of the artist match making system.

Storefront Form

Include message field: Choose whether or not you would like the product page to contain a message field.

Include image upload field: Deselect this option if you are selling a specific painting and don't want the customer to upload their own


You can use one or both of these methods.

Markup (%): Choose your profit margin as a percent of the total cost.

Markup (fixed, $): Choose your profit margin as a fixed dollar figure.

Get discounted samples

Install 90%

In order to drive customers to your site and make your first sale, you're going to need some examples of completed works. Although we do offer a gallery, we suggest that you pick some of your own photos or favourite works of art to have painted.

When you downloaded our app, you became a partner and as such you're entitled to discounted samples to use for advertising purpose on your store. Check out our Request form and get in touch!

Van Gogh sunflowers

Your done!

Install 100%

You are now ready to start selling! If you have any questions or just want to say hi, drop us a line below.