How it works

My Art Concierge streamlines and automates the process of sourcing and creating paint on demand products at the best prices on the market. It's not print on demand, it's paint on demand.

Install on Shopify

MAC will take your designs or photos and turn them into hand painted artworks made to your customers specifications.

Add our app from the Shopify App store. We are fully integrated with Shopify to make adding paint on demand products to your store simple and painless.

The app will automatically setup shipping, configure currency conversion and register you in our system. There is no other sign up required.

Create your products

Select the type of oil painting you wish to offer. Currently there are four product types to choose from:

Indivdual Portrait

An individual portrait of a single human or animal subject.

Group Portrait

A group portrait of between 2 and 6 human or animal subjects.


A landscape oriented painting without human or animal subjects.


A portrait oriented painting without human or animal subjects.

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Order samples

We offer two ways for you get samples for your product listing;

Product Samples

Order paintings from us to use as your product listing. We will send you the physical painting, photos and a video of the entire painting process.

Digital Media

If you only need the media assets for the product listing, se can paint your desired image and send you a video of the process and photos of the finished product.

Publish your products

Products that you have created through our app will automatically become products in your Shopify store.

When a customer orders one of those products, it will enter into our system and an artist from our network will complete the painting. Once complete and the customer has reviewed it, we will ship it directly to your customer.


We’ll take it from here. 

We take care of the painting, customer satisfaction, order fulfilment and shipping.